A skylight or light pipe provides a source of natural light in rooms with blind walls or which are difficult to illuminate. This aesthetic part allows saving some energy, reducing the need for lighting. Find out more about the installation and price of a skylight!


A skylight – also called light pipe or daylight – is a natural, free and ecological lighting solution. This is a vertical duct, from the roof, that captures and transports daylight,  illuminates dark rooms and windows.


A skylight, which consists of a dome (most often crystal), is a conduit, which uses, by a skillful game of lenses and mirrors, the principle of refraction of light that diffuses daylight into your home, without the addition of heat.

A skylight transports daylight into your home in 4 steps:

  1. The dome captures the light,
  2. The light is concentrated inside a duct, like a funnel,
  3. The light is transported via a tube, with elbows of high reflectivity to adapt to all habitat configurations,
  4. The skylight diffuses the natural light as widely as possible to obtain homogeneity of lighting.

A skylight comes in several diameters to provide the amount of light adapted to each room (corridor, staircase, dressing room, living room, kitchen etc.



Our body and our mind need light to feel good; especially during autumn and winter periods. As such, the skylight, also called light pipe, is an increasingly popular solution to bring natural light to rooms not exposed to the sun.


Unless your house is new, in which case you have it built according to your plans and wishes, it is rare for a home to be perfect in every way.

Who does not have a dimly lit entrance, a long dark hallway, a stairwell with blind walls, a basement that serves as a storage room?

Now, just a little, in this case, a contribution of natural light to change everything!

Imagine that a large bright and clear corridor, a staircase bathed in light, a basement which gives you a thousand ideas of arrangement, so it is good to spend time, now that is lit!

Seduced by the light pipe? All you have to do is find a professional for your work!


It does not immediately come to mind, but when a room has a source of natural light, you significantly reduce your lighting needs.

The skylight effectively illuminates, while reducing your lighting-related electricity consumption and reducing the cost of replacing light bulbs (since you will use them less).

For rooms occupied all day, the installation of a skylight can reduce up to 80% energy consumption dedicated to lighting.


If you suffer from lack of light in your home, no need to change the facade or the roof by drilling new windows!

The installation of a light pipe is an effective solution that does not require the work of structural work or request permission. A simple prior declaration of work with your town hall is sufficient.


The skylights are adaptable to all forms of roofs: sloping roofs, terrace roofs, rounded roofs, etc.

Sold in kit, the skylight is a conduit that will require the removal of some tiles from your roof and drilling a hole in the ceiling. No need to undergo work over several months or to move the whole family, it is still a comfortable solution!

Here are the main steps for installing a skylight on a sloped roof:

  1. Outside, remove the tiles where you want to put the skylight,
  2. On the inside, cut out the ceiling to put in place the diffuser block,
  3. Assemble the duct by fixing them between the extensions and the elbows; then fit the tube on the diffuser block,
  4. Roof side, set up waterproofing,
  5. Put back the tiles,
  6. Place the crystal dome.

Know that it is essential to use a specialized company. Visit for installation of your skylight.




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