Tips to Maintain Indoor Plants

If you don’t spend much money to beautify your room, you can simply put indoor plants. You can save money by replacing the expensive artwork with the plants. Placing interior plants can create a stunning look in your room. There are many choices that you can purchase for your room. The important thing after purchasing the plants is maintaining them.  You should maintain your plants properly to keep their beauty and health.  These are several tips to maintain your interior plants.

Lighting is important for the plant. You should remember that light will be less intense in the winter than summer. You should consider the position of your plants toward the light. Different plants need different light. If you have colored plants, you need to give them adequate light. Colored plants require more light than others. But, some indoor plants like cooler temperature. You should know the characteristic of your plants so you can take appropriate treatment.

Watering is the next important thing when growing plants. You need to water them regularly. You should put adequate water. Some plants require much water but other less. You need to know your plants well. If you want to go vacation, make sure that the soil maintains the moisture. Maintaining the moisture in the soil can keep your plants alive when you are away. Don’t let your indoor plants dry. If the soil dries out quickly, you need to try putting a damp sponge into the bottom of the pot. You can do this when repotting. Put the damp sponge before filling the pot with soil. The sponge will be a water reservoir that can keep the moist soil longer.

If you want to maintain your indoor plants properly, do not forget to feed and clean them. You should make a schedule to feed your plants. You can use wet tea leaves for giving a luxurious look to the plants. Wet tea leaves can work well for the plants. You can also water your plants using club soda. The minerals contained in soda will help your plants grow well. You can give club soda once a week to your plants. Make sure that the leaves are clean. Plants also need to breathe. If the leaves are dirty, they can’t breathe properly. The dirt will block the leaves. You can wipe the leaves using a wet cloth. You can also make a soapy solution to clean the dirt.